A Post-Apocalyptic LARP
set in the British Wasteland

Welcome to the British Wasteland ...

Wasteland UK is a Live Action Roleplay system set in the a Post-Apocalyptic Universe in the British Wasteland. Complete with Ghouls, Raiders, Robots and Rad-Mutants, Wasteland UK is heavily inspired by Fallout franchise taking elements of the Fallout background and transposing them to a British setting.

Set only a few decades after the Great War, you will be one of the few survivors, scavenging for pre-war goods, trading in bottle caps, and exploring the smoking ruins of England, Scotland and Wales. Will you be the first to get your hands on a precious pre-war antique? Will you get a piece of pre-war weaponry functioning again, to devastating effect? Or will you resort back to barbarous ways and pillage and steal for your own ends?

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